What we do for you


• Benchmark client’s terms and conditions with industry standards.
• Identify contractual weaknesses, inconsistencies and oversights.
• Correct and update client’s contracts to contemporary conditions.
• Advise on current activities and trends operating to client’s advantage.
• Future-proof our client’s contractual benefits and obligations.
• Maintain good relations between our client and the card industry.
• Formulate a robust negotiating strategy to obtain client’s optimum
• Discount Rates and Speed of Pay/Cash-Flow Backdated reimbursements.


• Undertake a detailed analysis of the process for handling enquiries, chargebacks and refunds for all credit/charge cards.
• Perform a detailed analysis of the processes for settlement and reconciliation for all cards.
• Benchmark these processes against other similar companies and identify and determine areas of improvement and cost savings.
• Prepare a summarised report for client management on the findings.
• Enable our client to streamline day-to-day operations.
• Complete process maps on the functional steps undertaken for selected credit/charge card processes.


• Enhance quality of service and augment the range of added value products and services provided.
Significantly reduce T&E costs for large, medium and small businesses providing them with improved cost control mechanisms.
• Achieve substantial cost savings, add revenue streams and create unique customer loyalty opportunities for individuals and corporations.
• Unique payment system facilitates the introduction of new products and new marketing opportunities.
• Unique payment system facilitates the introduction of new products and new marketing opportunities.
• Company secures direct relationship with customers.
• Unique payment system adds perceptible shareholder value.
• Strategic negotiating tool.

Re-Direction Services

• User Requirements
• Corporate Identity & Philosophy
• Market Research
• Feasibility Studies
• Flowcharts and Process Mapping
• SWOT Analyses
• Glossaries/Terms of Reference & Contact Lists
• Interface Design
• Multiple Workshops
• Policies and Procedures
• Multiple Management Reports & Presentations
• Product Definition

• Product Benefits
• Management Information Report Requirements
• Corporate Card Training
• Co-branding negotiations
• Sales & Marketing Product Familiarisation
• Functional Specifications
• System Specifications
• Systems Tender Documentation
• Call Centre/Internet Requirements
• Systems Selection & Negotiation
• Forms Design – Internal/External
• Extensive Financial Analyses

• Sales & Marketing Research Questionnaires
• Functional Requirements
• User Manuals
• System Testing
• System Provider Support
• Contractual Monitoring
• Creation of a Project Library
• Multiple Project Plans
• Infrastructure
• Terms & Conditions/ Application Forms & Commercial Agreements
• Customer Service Requirements