Founded in the UK in 1994 CreditCard Optimisation Ltd (COPS) has developed to provide international coverage, with partnerships across the globe.

Managing Director, Paul Peachey has built a team of international partners with hands on Senior Management experience, mostly at Senior VP or Vice President Level, in Card Companies, Airlines , Global Distribution Systems and Hotels supported by specialist consultants covering a full range of disciplines.

  • Established in 1994
  • Multiple back office studies & benchmarking
  • Broad based "Blue Chip" International client portfolio
  • Specially developed cutting-edge software
  • Proprietary worldwide databases
  • Recognised industry wide consultants

Our Background

CreditCard Optimisation Ltd is headed up by Paul Peachey whose 30 year career has been devoted to International Marketing, New Product Development, New Technology Integration and Database Marketing.

Formerly Marketing Vice President at a major card company, his experience covers the full spectrum of marketing functions in the multinational corporate environment with particular expertise in:

  • Introducing innovative Joint Marketing Activities with International Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental Companies and Major Retailers - to create quantifiable profit gains from competing marketing strategies.
  • Use of Smart Card Technologies to generate affinity marketing opportunities with new profiling and differentiation techniques designed to complement mainstream database marketing activities.
  • Harnessing available resources and new technologies to promote creative New Product Development, focused on maintaining market leadership and increased penetration in a highly competitive marketplace.
  • Establishing major internal Customer Servicing departments with specialist knowledge to identify, develop, promote and handle key client needs.
  • Developing niche-marketing techniques to optimise new lines of communication for true marketing profitability gains and cost-effectiveness.

Company Profile

COPS is an internationally recognised consultancy, which specialises in advising companies in the Tourism and Transport Industry with a list of blue chip international clients.

COPS has developed a systematic methodology supported by proprietary software and benefits from the in-depth experience of working in senior management positions in major international corporations.

COPS is empowered by its clients to negotiate with all the credit card companies to reduce commission rates, improve speed and method of payment and recover overpayments.

* We work closely with the Airline Associations in Europe and have provided subject matter expert consulting services for Bain and KPMG.

* We constantly implement new approaches and future strategies for clients to reduce costs short, mid and long term.

* We have developed computerised tools and evaluation systems to establish airlines unit costs for handling all credit card related costs.

Negotiations Capability

During the past few years we have negotiated with all the credit/charge companies, multiple Acquirers and processors, not only in Europe, the Far East and Canada, but also extensively in the US.

We have had numerous negotiating meetings with our clients, and in 80% of all cases achieved savings beyond our client's expectations.

Furthermore, we have negotiated for and on behalf of our clients with multiple US bankcard acquirers and processors. This resulted in our clients receiving major savings from our negotiation involvement.

One of our most valuable assets is the benchmark data we have accumulated over a number of years from most of the major airlines worldwide, including many of the top US airlines; this, combined with the interchange rates and finite credit card costs in over 60 countries provides us with an unparalleled source of information to enable us to benchmark the differential terms and conditions, rates and services around the world.