COPS provides Client Companies with specialised marketing and technical support. Our expertise lies in identifying profit-generating opportunities routinely overlooked by general management consultancies.

Cutting of costs related to credit and charge card acceptance.

Cost reduction through process re-engineering for back office tasks related to payment systems.

Development of new products to enhance customer loyalty and further reduce payment system costs, providing stronger strategic positioning. Including solutions that will work in all environments, especially E-commerce.

Integration of new products and new technology into existing company processes to provide cost effective and competitive relationship marketing and portfolio management solutions.


CreditCard Optimisation exists to support client companies with specialist marketing and technical support.

We specialize in identifying profit-generating opportunities routinely overlooked by general management consultancies. Our expertise encompasses:

  • Analysis and exposure of the hidden costs in credit card acceptance, including detailed summaries and reports. Proven to give a proactive dimension to our client’s negotiating position with the credit card companies..
  • New Product Development for major international corporations exploiting the latest database marketing techniques.
  • Development of smart card technology to create and maximise niche-marketing differentiation in today’s international markets.

Client Testimonials

"Over the past eight years CreditCard Optimisation Ltd. has assisted British Midland Airways Ltd. to significantly reduce our credit card costs and continues to provide us with further cost reduction support. This has been accomplished through re-negotiation, re-engineering and strategic input for re-direction."

Keith Hanna, Revenue Manager Passenger, British Midland Airways Ltd.

"CreditCard Optimisation has provided Icelandair with the management information tools and negotiation skills and support we required to re-negotiate the best commission rates and payment terms from the Credit Card companies. Icelandair continues to reap the rewards from all the consulting services and practises undertaken by CreditCard Optimisation Ltd'.

Valur Asgeirsson, Director Treasury & Insurance, Icelandair