The Real Cost of Accepting Credit Cards

Optimisation Objectives

We implement initiatives to reduce payment systems operating costs and strengthen customer loyalty:

  • Improved contractual and operation terms and conditions with all financial intermediaries.
  • All payment system back office activities to achieve maximum cost reduction.
  • Marketing and sales efforts towards own financial payment instrument to reduce costs, enhance revenue and optimise customer value through development of corporate loyalty.

The Optimisation Process


  • Companies unaware of value that can be derived through re-negotiating and improving contractual terms with financial intermediaries.
  • Cost savings usually require hefty investments to be realised.
  • We charge NO COSTS in this phase and will increase YOUR profit by a significant amount.


  • Companies unaware of back office costs generated by outdated/diverse payment processes.
  • Companies now face the challenge of adapting to new business opportunities such as E-commerce.
  • We will provide for the development of new platforms to drive new business such as E-commerce.


  • Financial intermediaries will always seek to take ownership of the relationship with the customer. This is their key advantage and main bargaining chip.
  • COPS Ltd. incorporates payment process into the value chain; staff in commercial activities, production and logistics will interact with those in the financial and administrative areas - working to realise customer satisfaction and develop loyalty.
  • Badly handled payment collection is one of the main reasons for loss of customers. COPS has developed specialised technology and expertise capable of combating this negativity and realising substantial cost savings.