COPTIMISER™ - identify back office unit costs

CreditCard Optimisation offers our clients an in-depth study to establish the exact unit costs they pay out for handling each card product— from sale to settlement. Our main objectives are to understand the costs related to credit card acceptance. Framework includes keying all credit card processes, interviewing members of your staff and completing detailed activity process maps. Study time is kept to a minimum and does not cause any disruption to staff. Clients can also be assured that we do not relate savings to ANY headcount reduction.

We identify cost reduction opportunities

We input the gathered data into our proprietary Back Office System, the Coptimiser™, which will conduct a detailed analysis and produce a detailed report, enabling us to identify key areas of cost savings.

The Coptimiser™ database contains over 100 credit/charge card processes that have been recorded over a ten year period

Our exclusive data is collected from a number of major Airlines and big name Hotel Groups—which we then benchmark against your company rates to identify key strengths and weaknesses.

Reporting Capabilities...

At the end of the study, our Clients are presented with a concise document which will demonstrate the true cost of accepting credit cards. Our Consultants use the report to formulate strategic decisions, enabling you to reduce costs, both Front and Back Office.

"Offset the future costs of accepting Credit Cards"

We are currently offering complimentary initial studies - subject to availability - to identify cost reduction areas. There will be no cost – we simply request that interested parties supply travel and accommodation expenses where applicable.

We are offering licensed versions of Coptimiser™ along with training on report generation for Airlines, Hotels and other Companies to have access to this valuable tool.

Features and Benefits:

  • Documents and Graphics can be imported into reports
  • Remote Assistance
  • Identify hidden costs
  • Offset future credit card costs
  • Knowledge is power


Above: an example report from Coptimiser™

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